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PGA TOUR Fan Council FAQs
PGA TOUR Fan Council Overview

Why should I become a PGA TOUR Fan Council member?

The voice of the PGA TOUR Fan Council is shaping the game of golf. As a member of our community, you’re invited to test-drive products, share innovative ideas, and co-create new concepts to enhance the experience of all PGA TOUR fans.

Who can join the PGA TOUR Fan Council and how do I join?
To join the PGA TOUR Fan Council, you must be willing to be part of a research community and be willing to take part in at least one research study every three months.

​Members of our community must be 18 years of age or older. In addition, employees of the PGA TOUR, other sports teams and organizations, and members of the media are not eligible to participate in the PGA TOUR Fan Council at this time.

If you haven't already joined the PGA TOUR Fan Council, simply click the "Join Now" button to tell us more about yourself, then confirm your membership via email.

What can I expect from PGA TOUR Fan Council research studies?
As a member, you’ll participate in research studies designed to enhance the PGA TOUR fan experience. Your opinions, feedback and ideas will help us make more informed decisions and advance the game of golf.

​ Most studies will consist of short surveys that can be completed on your desktop and / or mobile device. You may also be invited to participate in other types of research initiatives, including hands-on product testing, collaborative discussions, creative exercises and more.

How many research studies will I be able to participate in?
You’ll be invited to participate in between two and four research studies each month. We encourage you to take part in all available studies, but your participation is completely voluntary.

In order to be considered an active member of the PGA TOUR Fan Council we ask that you participate in at least one study every three months.

How do I participate in a research study?
You’ll be invited to participate in all new research studies via email. The invitation will contain a unique link to the research study, which you’ll typically be able to complete online from your desktop and / or mobile device.

​We may invite you to other types of research studies that require specific devices, products, applications, etc. in order to participate. We will outline requirements and additional information in your email invitation or within the research study itself.

In some cases, we may ask to send you products, devices or other requirements necessary to complete the research study. For more information about receiving items for research studies, please see the PGA TOUR Fan Council Terms and Conditions.

​In addition to email invitations, members can also sign in to the PGA TOUR Fan Council member page to access available studies and find information about upcoming research initiatives. The member page also includes timely polls, a suggestion box for any and all ideas, and regular updates on our community’s contributions and successes.

For how long do research studies remain open?
We try to give members plenty of opportunity to participate in studies. Certain studies may require your opinions quickly and will only remain open for a short time (e.g. when we are asking questions about an upcoming tournament and this information is no longer required after the tournament has started). The email invitation will state if there is a pre-determined close date/time for any given study.

I am not receiving many research study invitations - why is this?
The number of research studies you receive depends on the requirements and type of research we are conducting and how these fit with what we know about you. As we are sure you will understand, we can’t invite every person to every research study. Invites are instead sent according to quotas, within which selection is random. And we do our best to invite everyone to as many studies as we can.

Why do I sometimes get asked questions which I have already answered in previous research studies?
From time to time, you may feel you are being asked similar questions that you already answered in a previous research study. In some cases, we need to ensure we're collecting your most current response or opinion on a particular subject which may have changed from a previous response. In other cases, we track various opinions over time to understand how things may be changing.

Membership Account & Privacy

Why and how is the profile information you collect from me used?
The personal questions we ask (e.g. gender, household income, location, etc.), help us make sure we have people from all backgrounds as part of the PGA TOUR Fan Council.

Your profile information is used to invite you to research studies that are relevant to you – for example, based on where you live, your age, your interests, etc. It is also used to aggregate our research results for analysis purposes – for example by male and female respondents – without having to ask you these same questions in every study.

​All of your personal information and research study responses remain strictly confidential and are used only for legitimate research purposes.

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

How do I change my password or update my profile?
To change your password, email address, or update your profile information, please login to the PGA TOUR Fan Council member page,
click “My Profile” and follow directions on this page.

I’ve forgotten my password
If you’ve forgotten your password, simply go to the member sign in section, enter your email address and click the “Forgot Password?” button. An email with a link will automatically be sent to you.

Click on the link in the email and enter your new password twice. Please enter an alpha-numeric password between 6 and 12 characters including at least one number. Once confirmed, you can login to the PGA TOUR Fan Council member page immediately.

How do I deactivate my membership in the PGA TOUR Fan Council?
To deactivate your membership, you can send an email with the subject line "Deactivate Membership" to: or follow further directions on “My Profile" page.

​To unsubscribe from all future communication from the PGA TOUR Fan Council, click the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of all communications sent to you by the PGA TOUR Fan Council team or send an email to with ‘Unsubscribe’ in the subject line.

Is my login information different for PGATOUR.COM and
If you have registered for PGATOUR.COM, it is completely separate and independent from login information for You may choose to register using the same email address and password, but they remain separate accounts altogether. For example, if you choose to update your password on, this change will not apply to PGATOUR.COM or any other PGA TOUR affiliated websites.

How is my privacy protected?
All of your personal information and research study responses remain strictly confidential. Your personal details will never be sold, exchanged, or distributed to any other party without your express consent.

​ For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Technical Questions and System Requirements

Which operating systems and / or browsers are supported?
The PGA TOUR Fan Council research studies and member page are accessible via the operating systems and web browsers detailed below. For certain research studies, we may ask to send you additional items in order to participate (devices, products, applications, etc.). For more information about receiving items for research studies, please see the PGA TOUR Fan Council Terms and Conditions.

Supported Browsers

Supported Mobile Devices
We aim to support the widest range of devices possible for community members participating in activities. If you are having issues with a specific device or mobile operating system, please contact Vision Critical at




Internet Explorer

11 or later

The application does not support Internet Explorer in compatibility mode or Metro mode.


Current and previous major version


Current and previous major version

The application only supports Mac OS X versions of Safari.

Panelists who have not to upgraded to the latest version of Adobe Flash may not be able to proceed past Visual and Multimedia question types. For more information, see Visual and multimedia questions: Browser requirements.


Current and previous major version

Microsoft Edge

Current and previous major version


Can I take a study without downloading a mobile app?Absolutely, we use mobile web technology such as HTML5 in order to make it as easy as possible for you to participate in studies using your mobile device.

​The following “touch” interfaces are supported for mobile studies:
iPhone iOS v3.0+
Android OS v2.2+
Blackberry OS v6.0+
Windows phone OS v7.5+

​The following no-touch mobile devices are also supported:

​Windows phone OS v7
Blackberry OS v4.6+

If your tablet has Flash installed you will be able to take the mobile study on your tablet.
All unsupported devices will default to the non-touch study experience.

What happens if I start the study on my mobile device, then decide to complete it on my desktop (or vice versa)?
The system automatically detects the device being used, so the version of the research study displayed is based on the device detected. You can easily start the study on your mobile device, then resume where you left off via your desktop and vice versa.

Respondents who use a tablet or an iPod touch


Survey behavior

iPod Touch

If the survey is mobile-enabled, the mobile-friendly version of the survey appears. All the question types that are supported for mobile phones are also supported for iPod Touch.


A web-based version of the survey appears. The "flat" non-Flash version of visual questions appear, and multimedia questions are skipped.

Note:Tablet respondents who use any tablet other than the iPad may encounter difficulties with certain question types. To ensure that respondents who use a particular tablet can complete the survey, test the survey on that type of tablet.

I started my research study but can’t finish it when I try to return to it later. Why not?
Always check your Participation History on the PGA TOUR Fan Council member page to see which studies are still 'Active' and which ones are 'Closed'. If you have any issues re-accessing a study, please contact our Support Team at If possible, please include the Survey Code from the initial invitation (usually begins with three letters).

I am not receiving any research study invitations – why is this?
If you are not receiving any invitations, it may be worth checking whether the emails are being diverted into your junk folder. To ensure this does not happen, please add to your safe list. You can also find all of your invitations to research studies on the PGA TOUR Fan Council member page.

I received an invitation, but when I click on the link all I can see is a blank PGA TOUR Fan Council page.
You may need to update to the latest version of Flash player. Even though you may already have the plug-in on your computer, it is recommended you keep the player up to date to improve performance and stability. You can download upgrades by clicking on the link below:

What do I do if a question does not load properly or the "Next" button does not respond?

If you find that a question is not fully loaded or the ‘Next’ button is not responding, please try the following:
a) Click the refresh button on your browser. In most cases, this will load the question properly.
b) Ensure Adobe Flash is installed or is up to date and working. Our studies rely on Adobe Flash to display some questions. To ensure your browser is working correctly with Flash, go to the link and follow the instructions on the page:

No answer to your question?
For technical issues, please contact Vision Critical at
​For non-technical questions, please contact our team at

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Your voice will advance the game of golf and enhance the experience of every PGA TOUR fan.

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